Friday, April 12, 2013

Salable Electronics and Appliances Photography is a Need for Web Based Stores

With the use of digital cameras it is possible to shoot anything. Since devices like electronics and appliances are used photographing them is essential. Several clients selling these products online need good photos for buyers to choose the right models.

Sometimes the simplest or minimal style works wonders. Instead of creating drama to sell, some items can do well with less glamour. Electronic items like television sets, ipads, cell phones, music systems score more on their own performance. Hence even if a good looking model with fewer features is not saleable. But a drab looking piece, which has more valuable features, is sold quickly. But the manufacturer will now need a combination of the two to make his products fly off the shelves. He needs to give distributors pictures of all the models. Shooting different models and making a distinction between them for the consumers to buy is a challenge. The photographer should keep in mind how he will shoot different models of the same product and yet make them look distinct. All the photos are taken in high resolution so that they can be printed or used on the web.

The equipment and tools required will be a good quality camera with lens, contrasting tabletops or any other backdrop for placing the electronic devices. If the camera has a few basic editing programs it is ideal. If not the rest of the work can be carried over the imaging software. Since some items like television sets and refrigerators can be big and cannot be shifted a portable tripod or a steady handy camera is essential.  Foam and umbrellas for lighting may also be required at some stage so keep them also in the checklist.

While aiming for the shoot the shutter speed of 1/60th of a second is ideal. The camera flash should not be used when artificial lighting is being set up. If the product throws off a glint or glare then white balance needs to be adjusted also. Wide-angle lens is used to capture the inside and out parts. For example a refrigerator that has been opened to show its compartments-it needs a wide-angle lens for the shoot. Several pictures will have to be taken to choose one of the best. While taking pictures of laptops one may have an issue of barrel distortion. This can be taken care of with the zoom and use of right focal length.

Image editing can also be required after the shots are taken. The pictures can be cropped or even re-sized. Text can be added like technical specifications of the products. When so much visuals and information is given on the website it is easier for the consumer to buy the products. Home appliances like mix grinders; irons washing machines also can be shot in the same format.

This information is very useful for clients who have a sizable web presence. They should be able to get this service from any outsourcing professional company. As they add new products to their inventory they will need pictures also. A professional company pays attention to all the detailing while shooting. It can make the proper distinction between the models of the products even if they look similar on the face. Trust a good service provider for such important jobs.

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