Friday, January 18, 2013

Commercial Product Photography is Ideal for Any E-commerce Website

Commercial product photography is a dynamic field with a number of competent professionals working in this sector. They specialize in creating digital art product images like still life and fashion photography for advertising, catalog and the web.

Commercial product photography is ideal for any type of website to help it increase sales.

Are you looking to increase your web sales? Is your catalogue unable to lure as many customers for your products? Do you want your products to maintain their quality and content when turned into an image? The answer to all these queries lies with commercial product photography. It is very essential for e-companies that need to extend their customer profile and want to re-gain their loyal clientele by portraying a proper image of their products. Commercial product photography helps in making the products look expressive and lively, attracting varied kinds of consumers.

Websites are all about expressive pictures. Viewers are potential consumers that usually go through only the images of a website. If the images are not attractive or confusing to the mind, they tend to lose interest. Only if the images are impressive the customers will automatically convert their interest to the website and stay wedged to it. Use of pictures that are professionally captured and are of good quality helps this to happen faster. These images increase the sales of the website and also of the brand, if the website is not a dedicated e-commerce one. It also augments its search engine results, bringing the website to the top position. When a number of products have to be displayed together in a single page of the website, every image has to have its own magical appearance to attract the customers. Commercial product photography helps in solving this issue.
Many people, today, possess a craze for photography and own a digital SLR camera. Even though they tend to click their product images on their own, the result received will be of no match when compared to a professionally photographed image. Photographers with proper training and expertise in the field can only do high quality product photography. Commercial product photography needs the involvement of proper techniques and equipments such as lenses, tripods, etc. Setting up sufficient amount of lighting and exposure is also important.

The one thing that is absolutely essential to get good photographs for the website is the software that is used to correct the images after being captured. This post-processing software is used to give the photos a touch up and little adjustment that is needed. Since it is the most time consuming part, professionals in the product photography field can only do it. There are some photos with a really busy background that distracts the viewers’ eye from the product. With the help of commercial product photography, the photos would be clicked in such a way that keeps the viewers attention stuck to the product itself.

There are some commercial product photography firm offers all kinds of product photography services at a reasonable rate. These firms have the appropriate equipments and techniques to undergo the best product photography even urgently. They have skilled photographers that are the best in the field and sufficient area of expertise.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Smashing Tips for Successful Commercial Product Photography

For photographers, shooting pictures in a studio is challenging. It is also a very rewarding experience. Dedicated pros have developed smashing tips to present successful visuals. How does the success formula work?

Today the glossy pages of glamour magazines or even color supplements of tabloids are replete with fabulous visuals. As a reader you may have admired a handbag shot in a spotlight or a wristwatch staring out of the pages, waiting to be purchased. This is a remarkable work of commercial product photography. It has become an essential requirement for the print and web media. Several photographers specialize in shooting specific products like jewelry or clothes or electronic items. But how do they manage the uniform gloss factor? There are three broad elements-perfect lighting, setting and image quality that determine the entire shoot. To keep these three elements in order, some tips are used for successful results. These include other factors, which are discussed below.

The shooting equipment is by far the most crucial gear. The right camera, lens of 2-3 kinds, tripod, reflectors and spotlights are mandatory. They make up the studio infrastructure. Without these elementary gears even a professional shutterbug is handicapped. For example, lens should have a good zoom factor. In case, still commercial photography is being done, a camera can be placed in one spot on the tripod and the zoom will capture the angles. The photographer does not move at all. A fast lens of f/3.5 is used for highlighting the canvas behind the products. It also takes of the lighting placed around the main subject.

Studio photographers understand the importance of virgin white backdrops. This is so useful for commercial product photography. White allows the viewer’s attention to remain on the products rather than on the canvas behind. As white throws the light around the pictures are prone to extra brightness. Hence while shooting the lights placed should aid in the crucial ‘white balance’. Another reason why the white background works is that when the pictures need to undergo image editing. It creates smoother clipping paths. You can try a black canvas too, but the results of the white canvas are far more superior.
Lights are an integral part of the entire shooting process for items shot in a studio bay. There are different kinds of lights that are a part of the equipment. For example short focus lighting brings out the sparkle of a gemstone or a pair of earrings. Smaller objects like diamonds and stones are normally highlighted for their properties in this manner. Poor lighting can undermine the value of the items. Such visuals do not attract users on the website too.

Other factors also contribute to the success and value of commercial product photography. The creation of the right mood or environment while shooting is a clincher at times. Imagine having a dull or too bright backdrop for a designer garments project. It can instantly kill the entire hard work of the client. A professional shooter will be sharp and try to create an ambience suitable for the designer garments. This is where the personal creativity of the shooter comes in for 100% accomplishment. Ready for a clicking some smashing shots with these smashing tips?