Friday, April 5, 2013

Pack-shot Photography is a Constant Challenge for Specialists

Creative pack shot photography has become a competitive trend with Internet giving way to many businesses of web vendors. Photographers need to come with better ideas of doing pack shots.

At one time simply putting all the products on a single table in rows was considered the most preferred way to do pack shot photography. Today the technology has changed. So have the techniques and the creative content. The products are clicked in more innovative styles. Each now client gets a better result as the constant challenge continues to bring in brisk business. In a way with technology the craft has been simplified. But the art is now deceptive. It comes with some caveats depending on the products that are showcased. Today the photos have to be worthy of being purchased. Thus a professional service studio is more in demand for this work.

The traditional way to shoot a bevy of products is to cut out the dramatic effects of lights, now shadows falling, no reflections creating illusions or any other thing to destroy the impact of the product itself. Can this be possible? It sounds like the most boring shot to do. But a creative photographer will not rest on his laurels. He will still use his grey cells to invent better and smart versions. One smart style is to lay the products on a flat surface and have a curved background. Why? It gives an appearance of an infinite space in the atmosphere. So the products even if they are all together do not look cluttered. It is not only professional but also aesthetic to look at. Few designs have been captured like this in magazines or newspapers or brochures. This is just one of the several ways to shoot the entire pack.

Whether one likes or not minimum two sources of light are required to flash on the products. The two lights from opposite source ends will work towards clarity without giving a dazzle or flash of over exposure. Avoid flat lighting of the standard camera. It can make the visual look boring and the contents of the product will not be justified. Soft lights are acceptable but not the bright florescent ones that could change the color scheme. This also may distort the original look of the pack shot. It is also over a time that many photographers have realized that reflections can be uncanny. For example if one is shooting steel containers getting the reflections right can be a tedious job. But if achieved it can have a wonderful effect to the items being shot together. Just the right bit of illumination works fine.

Pack shot photography can pack a punch also after the shots have been taken. Since they are shot with the digital cameras, it is best to upload the pictures and check on the computer. Image processing can be applied if depth needs to be given to the overall effect. In advertising such possibilities do arise when branding exercises are used in print or web media. With the help of the editing the overall look can also be made more crisp and clean. Additions like text and messages can explain the shot better.

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