Thursday, May 1, 2014

Create the Edge by Taking Product Shots with Monochrome Background

One must realize that when consumers see products splashed in print ads or on online portals, they cannot touch, feel, or taste them. It is the photograph, which has to communicate all of the above in the most convincing way.
If the photography makes the product look desirable, then it will certainly translate into a sale. Several tips and tricks can truly enhance the look and feel, as well as the production value of the picture of any item that needs to be sold online. The main point of focus is the subject, i.e. the product that will be purchased via the advertisement. First, make sure to have the subject meticulously cleaned and neat in appearance. For example if it is a cell phone, it cannot have fingerprints or scratches. A dress cannot have creases and folds. Cleaning is mandatory as under the lights dirt tends to gleam and dust sparkle.
The right background also makes a vast difference to make the visual more convincing. It is quite important to make seamless backdrop for the product to shine. When a full scene is created with a monochrome color the effect is total. There is no distraction to the main theme. In fact, many items are shot with this kind of backdrop to encourage sales. Today, the right shade of single color gives an edge to the vendor. It forms a brand identity for the product. The greatest example is the iconic Apple iPhone that is shot against the smooth and silk white, transparent background. All over the world it is admired and has sold billions of devices. This is definitely the work of a experienced product photographer. He knows how to create the edge by taking product shots with the monochrome background.
For close-ups shots of drinks, food, jewelry also the right background makes all the difference. A narrow depth of field works well for product shots as it provides emphasis on the subject. With the combination of the backdrop and the field depth, the shots can be taken. Blocking a continuous background for easy execution is popular among retailers. Preferably, a solid white or neutral grey works well. It is a simple implementation and the result looks professional and classy. If one is not working out of a professional photo studio with backgrounds draped from trusses, then a few rolls of craft paper, a couple of stands and some metal clamps will do the trick.
Backgrounds are the cornerstone of studio photography. There are several kind of craft papers that are also used to provide texture of matt, sheen or gloss. The setting allows the photographer to use several techniques and angles to capture the items digitally. Taking good and neat product shots is very important to advertisers and clients. For photographers to bag lucrative commercial photography jobs, it is important to be able to nail this aspect.

For the great sales, often a quick alteration of backdrop makes the difference. For instance shooting dresses of different sizes with monochrome backgrounds allows buyers to see clearly the color and choose according to their size or wallet. This is a very vital aspect that a canvas can permit the buyer to make the right choice. Nothing can go wrong with an online sale with such meticulous planning. 

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