Thursday, September 27, 2012

360 Product Photography - Best Way for Interactive Images

Do you want to make your products visible to the viewers from all sides and directions? Do you want to gain their trust? 360 product photography helps the customers easily know the in and out of the product without holding it in hand.

While shopping online or browsing through a product, how many times do you wish that you could see the product from different sides and angles? If you are planning to spend on a product that you saw online or are willing to know about an item from all sides, then 360-product photography is the process you can rely on. Whenever we visit a store, only when we glance at the product from all sides, we decide on buying it.

360-product photography is used by a number of manufacturers and retailers across the world to show and display their products to the worldwide market in the best possible way. There are various products that cannot be just captured from one angle. Capturing these kinds of products from more than one angle can only explain what the product actually is. An e-commerce or a dedicated company website works only on photos. People see the product and only then decide whether to order it or not. Product photography is ideal for providing the visitors of a website with interactive photos. The process helps in making the viewers aware about the product they are about to pay for.
It is the best way of marketing and increasing the sales rate. The process is a complex one. A product is taken and different angles of it are captured. Ones this is done, all these 2D images are then loaded into adobe flash based player in which every angle of the product is seen in a 3D view and is clearly visible. The customers can navigate through these images in a 360 view. In 360-product photography, the viewer is able to see every angle, from top, bottom to each angle in between easily. These 360-degree spinning products are created only with proper experience and training. There are various photography firms in the market place that have years of expertise in the field and offer this service at low price.

Some of the online photography firms also provide low cost service and easy shipping options. These firms have the appropriate equipments and techniques to carry the process with ease. If a new firm in the market is looking for rotating product shots, then the choice of studios is unlimited. This way the customers get a feel of shopping in a shop or seeing the product by holding it in hand. Every detail of the product is clearly captured so that the buyers can decide on what they need to spend.

So if you are looking for something unique, fresh and innovative for your website than trying 360 product photography is the best option for you. The only important equipment that is needed for this process to complete properly is a rotating stand or tray. The product is kept in the tray and then it is rotated 360 degrees. Ones the rotation starts, the images from every direction are clicked easily to from 360-product photography.

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