Friday, March 15, 2013

Bags and Shoes Photography

Both bags and shoes are very important accessories for fashionable men and women. People make style statements wearing these fashionable items. They buy the products after seeing impressive photo shots!

Most people own a couple of real stylish bags and shoes. And there must be considerable number of them who may have bought these items from the Internet. They have done that after looking at the beautiful pictures that have been shot and displayed in picture galleries in the websites. Bags and shoes photography is quite a dedicated way for some professionals. They have helped their clients to promote their wares online. Many web-stores are using flat lighting to get their products on sale online. And how do they make such amazing pictures?

Each studio has tools like the camera and its equipment, clamps, tripod, flashes and tables of varying sizes. A good studio will house various props that will help the products shine in the pictures. To shoot a single item-shoe or handbag choosing the right background is imperative. A contrasting drop is better. If the item will be placed on the table it’s positioning is important. A shoe cannot be placed on the table. Ideally it can be hung with a tape that will prove to be invisible and can be removed later during image editing. A feeling of the suspended shoe will be ideal for clicking pictures. While it is in suspension, a photographer will have to deliberate if the top angle will be needed or the eye level. According the lighting will be set. Simultaneously the light meter will be placed to check the right exposure. Tents or umbrellas will be required to given the overall lighting uniformly. Both the light sources will have to be equal in proportion. Once these tools have been placed. The camera needs to be adjusted before clicking the pictures.

In the same manner stylish bags of different shapes can be shot with élan. To ensure that the bag can be seen inside out and also from all angles the use of 360 degree technique is also used. So when the buyer comes online he can zoom on all the properties of the bag. It is as good as touching and feeling the product. Many studios are now using in depth picture angles to prove that they can deliver creative ways of professional work. Accessories like bags have several compartments. Hence it is worthwhile to change the flat lighting and use another method to attract end users. Bags of reputed designers are every expensive, hence buyers prefer to check out the detailing before they buy.

A professional is aware that he will need to tweak the pictures even after they are clicked. Since he has set up the lights he will know if there are any hidden shadows lurking behind to exposure the light sources. Once he has done the shoot he can later experiment with the lighting and the focus. One of the reasons bags and shoes photography has caught on is because of the eye-catching visuals. The hard work of the studio workers is now paying off for several clients. They now have sleeker presentation of their valued products.

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